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Bev Christian

 Group Sales Manager




About Bev

What are 3 items you never leave home without when you are going on holidays?

iPhone, money and lipstick.

What are your 3 must visit places or experiences that you have been?

Fiji -  Love the beaches & friendly people, colourful attire and love their island music.
Gold Coast -  Always simple & love the beaches, relaxed atmosphere & the italian restaurants
New Zealand -  Love the people, scenery, snow & gorgeous bluey/green sea.

What are the top 3 places on your travel wish list?

Cook Islands

Tell us about 3 of your most memorable travelling moments or experiences?

Honeymoon in gold Coast with my husband.
Phuket - A lovely family holiday with my husband, grown up stepson and stepdaughter. We had a ball riding on scooters and coming from a family who are excellent chefs we loved the traditional food.
Fiji - For it's island music, people and the beaches.

List all the destinations you have travelled to?

Australia: Every state except Tas
Asia: Phuket, Hong Kong, China, Macau
NZ: South Island and North Island
South Pacific: Fiji    
South East Asia: Indonesia - Bali

Tell us about your passion for travel!

To relax, enjoy different cultures and experiences and mostly where there is a lovely beach and the sun.